We have big ships and big ...... well, ships

  • If you crave explosions and the tears of your enemy.

  • If you love to say (in your most official and serious tone) “Roger that, FC, scanning now”

  • If you fly a shiny big toy – or maybe you can barely manage a Thrasher, either one

  • If you want to be space rich

  • If you want to mine your guts out so that your brothers have the ships for the next emergency pixel fight

  • If you love creating spreadsheets for your next building project that have more formulas than there are stars in space

  • If you stop at the grocery store and try to pay in ISK

  • If you believe that Jita is a real place somewhere in space – just a matter of time before we discover it

  • And – most important – you want to have fun playing a game, not quite so seriously that you ruin your real-life family and friendships.

Well, then, we want to talk to you. Come play with us, there is a place for you here. Both new and experienced players welcome. PvPers especially needed.

ICON Libertas, a member of Lord Of Worlds alliance in Winter Coalition

Contact Arrowspeeed Bounty or come to ICON_Public


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