We have krabbing, we have pvp, we just don't have you! ... YET (null-sec BEXE)

Recruiting Players interested in null-sec anything
Pub Channel: [BEXE] Pub
in-game Contact info: CrazyKidJack Purvanen
discord Contact info: CrazyKidJack#7722

Things we have to offer:

  • Safe null-sec Krabbing (ratting, mining, manufacturing, etc)

    • Angel rats - Impass Region
    • Low taxes on production
  • Corp level/alliance level ore/loot/salvage buybacks

    • including 1 money moon buyback
  • Cheap upgraded Industry facilities

  • Small fleets -> big (coalition capital) fleets and all in between

    • shield doctrines (caldari/minmatar mostly)
  • Free ships and skillbooks for new bro’s

  • New Player Friendly

Requirements to get in

  • 1 mil SP absolute minimum

    • if you are at this minimum please be prepared for us to ask you what your plan for making isk and participating in pvp fleets is
    • closer to 4-5mil SP preferred
  • be able to fly interceptors

    • this inherently requires omega status…

These requirements are more for the newBro’s benefit than our own.
We make you have these things so that you don’t get to null sec, realize how hard it is to live there without the proper skillset, and then get bored (can you can’t do anything) and then quit playing altogether. We just want every player to have a good experience playing EVE, even if that means not joining us. :grinning:

Requirements once you are accepted
PVP fleet participation (approx 8hrs/month [less if multi-boxing])… lots of details to follow… skip if you want (there are no other requirements)
We track player participation in coalition fleets using hyperlinks to our auth website called FAT links. We require each PLAYER (not each toon) to get 8 FAT links per month, and while you are in fleet, you will GENERALLY receive 1 FAT link per hour. This means that in a 30-day month you are required to participate in fleet for approx 8 hrs (average 2hrs per week)

This is another reason why we require interceptors for newbros. Ceptors will give you a ship to start with to get in fleets while you train other things… this is good because ceptors are allowed on almost every fleet.

Even more details to follow (only keep reading if you still have questions)
Feel free to ask any questions in game in [BEXE] Pub
Or by contacting CrazyKidJack Purvanen

If you multi-box in fleets, each toon will receive credit toward your 8 for the month (i.e. if you use 2 toons in every fleet, you only need 4 hrs of fleets instead of 8)

There are 2 types of fleets (and a 3rd\4th that i’ll explain in a minute). they are strat ops and social fleets.

Strat ops are the ones where you will get 1 FAT per hour

Social fleets are basically any other fleet in which at least everyone from DW can join (and maybe the whole coallition) and are pinged so everyone knows about them, but are not for some strategic objective. You will get 1 FAT total for these fleets regardless of length (thesse include save fleets for rorquals and other capitals)

The 3rd type of fleets are like social fleets, but are ones that aren’t pinged to alliance… you do not get paps for these (you can call the impromptu or fun fleets… basically these are just unofficial fleets)

The 4th type are CTAs (call-to-action) which are like strat ops but are more important… our corp/alliance will RARELY if EVER require you to be online at specific time (real life always comes first). But CTAs are the times where we are begging you to please make plans to be online if at all possible.

Lastly, for strat ops and CTAs… if you are online… you should be on the fleet (DEFINITELY FOR CTAs… and not technically required to be on a strat op… but during strat ops, space is significantly less safe b/c enemies will know that there isn’t anyone around to save you… so if you aren’t on a strat op while you are online… and something happens… die quietly)

Feel free to ask any questions in game in [BEXE] Pub
Or by contacting CrazyKidJack Purvanen

Still looking for new members!

Still looking for new members!

We’re still opening and looking for some dudes!

Still looking for new members

still looking! feel free to contact me

Still looking for new members!

Still looking for new members and we are in a war now so even more opportunity for pvp minded players!

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