We Need To Talk About Making ISK. It’s A Null Thing

You’re in New Eden to make ISK, so let us help you maximize it. Whether you’re a kind of industry, a master ratter, or you are a jack of all trades, we’re here to support your efforts to grow your ISK empire. Coordinate your ISK growing efforts through our Discord server too!

We currently can provide the following:
- Boosted Mining Operations and Mission Fleets for active ISK generating
- Small Gang PvP roams, PvP Tournaments
- Wormhole diving, Scouting Operations, Scanned Site Running
- Access to Ice and Ore Anomalies
- Discord server and activity
- Low tax rates
- Friendly, active players
- Corp events in all fields
- Training and Education Fleets
- Jump Freighter Services
- Ore, Ice, PI, Salvage and Mineral Buyback Programs

Please join: UESCT Public for more information

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