Weapons of Mass Production (WOMP) is recruiting players and corporations

Weapons of Mass Production is a sov holding PvP and industrial alliance located in the XR9-LP constellation in Catch. We are part of the Recking Crew coalition.

We are currently recruiting pilots and corporations to join our family in the ever-growing WOMPIRE! Join our members and alliance director Thanak on our and his journey to grow and be part of EvE Online History. So what does WOMP have to offer to you besides a great laid back atmosphere with good people?

  • Sov Holding Alliance, we are not a Renter we own our space
  • Regular PvP operations
  • SRP For Strat Ops
  • No Minimum SP Requirements so new bros and new bro corps are welcome!
  • Buyback and Jump Freighter Services to get you in and out of pocket
  • We upgrade all of our systems for ratting and mining

So at this point I’m sure you’re wondering “what do I need to have my corporation be considered?”, well you’re in luck because we have you covered!

  • Have at least a minimum of 10 active members
  • Be willing and able to use Discord/Mumble as they are required (English Speaking)
  • Have a willingness and eagerness to grow and improve
  • Be prepared to do what it takes to be part of a null-sec alliance

Still not convinced and want to learn more? Look below for more information including our Alliance Director Thanak’s Youtube, and his interview from Talking In Stations.

Thanak’s Youtube

TIS Video Link

Frost ESS Interview link

For any other questions, join our public Discord

We look forward to hearing from you!

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