[Alliance][Nullsec][EU/US] Weapons of Mass Production is recruiting corps!

Womp is a primarily EUTZ independent sov holding alliance living in Detorid. We’re looking for any and all types of corps to come and join us! Our only requirements are that you have a minimum of 5 real people in your corp and you’re willing to fleet up for stratops.

We’re a pretty chill group. We like to hang out on Mumble and shoot the breeze. We have an active nsfw channel and we don’t kink shame. Our ethos is that you don’t need a minimum amount of SP or knowledge to come and play out in nullsec, even the newest of newbros can be taught the skills they need to thrive.

We also think sharing knowledge and empowering members to ‘level up’ their isk making is crucial to member retention and enjoyment, so to that end we strive to have guides available for all the latest and greatest in isk making tech. We also have more moons than you can shake a stick at with low tax rates.

Politically we keep an extremely small blue list so that we don’t have to go more than a few jumps to find content and neutrals in our space are aggressively pursued and given express pod rides back to wherever they came from.

Benefits of being a Womp member corp:

  • So much content. The SEA is the wild west but it’s allowed us to carve out our own little section of nullsec without bending the knee to a bloc
  • Contract price SRP on all stratops - most alliances either do partial srp or zkill srp but in Womp the price you pay is the srp you get (so if you insure your ship and die you actually make a profit!)
  • Hull srp for capitals - Lost a cap on a stratop? No problem! Receive a shiny new replacement hull in staging - complete with new car smell!
  • Dread stimulus program - For every new dread alt our members create the alliance will pay 1b towards the cost of your fresh hull
  • Comprehensive industry park with structures rigged for all production up to and including caps
  • Have new players in your corp? No problem! The Wompling Assistance Team Squad (T.W.A.T.S) are here to help, guide and teach your fluffy newbros!
  • Well stocked market with almost everything you could want! Need something not on the market? There’s a 99.9% chance someone can build it for you lickety split.
  • Active JF service
  • No paps
  • We don’t care about zkill stats.

Join the Wompire today!
Message me on Discord - rexandarkstar

Further benefits to joining Womp: We have cookies. All types of cookies. Shelves of them as far as the eye can see!

Here’s a video of our recent pvp shenanigans!

In Womp we aggressively defend our ESS, no easy pickings here!

No previous nullsec experience? No problem! We’re especially keen on hearing from hisec corps who want to mine valuable R64 moons and are willing to learn the pvp side as well.

Check out our official recruitment video!

We fudged the first cyno, but the second one extracted the salt!

Tired of 8 hour fights at 10% tidi? Come and join us in the SEA! We’re having an absolute blast and there’s no tidi anywhere to be found!

Two new corps have seen the light and joined the Wompire this weekend! Don’t delay, join us today!

Is your current alliance stuck in a rut? Not adequately supporting your growth as a corporation?

Join Womp now and use the South Eastern Agreement the way it was intended!

We anchored a content Raitaru and it provided!

Great alliance! Can totally recommend corps to join!

Merry Christmas from all of us in Womp!

In Womp we occasionally post anonymous surveys to get feedback about how we’re doing as an alliance and what people would like more/less of etc.

We posted a survey yesterday and one of the questions was: “What are the main reasons why you would/wouldn’t recomend WOMP to others?”

Here are some of the responses:

Fast getting on your feet, good people

The culture, honestly - eve has a somewhat hit-or-miss social sphere, and somehow this group has managed to only ever hit. Also, being poor is impossible, so that’s a plus

Good atmosphere, I’m here u are feeling like u are part of something and that u matter a lot

Great core group of EU guys that keep the place non-toxic and functioning well. I feel well informed about what is going on.

Womp is a great place to grow and learn. I’ve met several really great players.

active and pewpew

great ppl

Nice place for any activity with good atmosphere

Sov holding independent alliance with a great community

In WOMP, you matter.

I like hanging out with smart dudes. WOMP is full of them.

WOMP is full of chill knowledgeable people that have a great sense of humor, but at the same time are tactful and know how not to offend.

Would: very laid back in comparison to a lot of other null corps I looked at. VERY reasonable taxes and a decent market.

Chill enviroment, reasonable tax System and all is automated

Great community where I feel well

Culture, isk making and relaxed atmosphere

It’s an awesome alliance, the best I’ve been in in al my years of EvE

I would recommend surely because how friendly WOMP is also how personal it is (you are just not a number that most members do not know), we have secure space as small alliance which gives totally different an IMO better experience than large blocks. No renting, no predatory monetization of our members for things they do.

2024 is shaping up to be a great year. Here’s a preview of some of the content we’ve had in just the first 5 days of January, come and get involved!

Friendly bump!

New year new campaign! Now is a great time to bring your corp into Womp, we’re just about to start a new content campaign!

Reach out to me on Discord - rexandarkstar

New month new promotional video! Join WOMP today!

We’re still recruiting! With the SEA officially coming to an end tomorrow now is the perfect time to come out here and join us!

Is that a beaver? :slight_smile: