WeBeChillin - Amarr FW pvp recruitment


We are a new Amarr FW PVP corporation part of an active PVP alliance. We have multiple organised fleets every week in corp (open to alliance and militia) as well as taking part in alliance doctrine fleets. We live with our alliance in a low sec system that won’t leave you long without a fight if you are looking for it.

FW brings a couple of good isk makers such as plexing and missions to keep your wallet supplemented.

What we offer

  • Daily PVP
  • Plexing/Missions
  • PVP Training
  • Free ships for some fleets
  • Free offensive/defensive plexing ships
  • Home in lowsec
  • Laid back, RL comes first mentality
  • Being outnumbered but not outgunned
  • Corp and alliance Discord servers
  • UK TZ


  • Omega
  • Active

Cap pilots needed and used


To apply or to learn more about what our corp has to offer, join ‘WeBeChillin’ which is our public channel.


  • Bukkar
  • Nikn
  • Death Killer21

Still recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

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