Welcome to Player Features & Ideas

This is the place for the community to suggest features and changes for EVE Online.

This forum category has a few additional rules on top of the regular forum rules. Please read and follow them when you take part in discussion here.

  • This is a breeding ground for ideas. If someone has an idea, listen to it. If you don’t like it, think about why.
  • Constructive feedback is good.
  • Posting “That’s an awful idea,” is not constructive.
  • This is not a forum for known issues. There is a forum category specifically for those.
  • If you have an idea of how to improve an issue, that is one thing. If you are simply pointing out flaws and shortcomings, it is not a feature or idea.
  • Please put some information regarding your idea in the topic.
  • Topics named things like “An idea” or “Does anybody think…” will be renamed or deleted.
  • This is for Features and Ideas - not simple requests.
  • Threads like “I want XXX module. Give it to me now,” are not constructive.
  • Please put some ideas into it, even if it’s just a suggestion or two to spark a thread.
  • Before posting, please check that a thread doesn’t already exist by searching the forums.
  • Reposts will be locked and routed to the active thread.
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