Well rounded pilot looking for industry corp

Character: Jesse Wilham
61 million skill points.

I am a pretty well rounded pilot. I can fly PvP or PvE/Indusrty. But in my current situation, I am looking for a heavy PvE/Industry corp.

I have been playing eve since 2013, mostly active the whole time, But my new job only allows me to play 3 days a week max. I am looking for a industry corp, (preferably high or low sec) that i can put my industry and logistic skills to good use.


Please send me an in-game mail If interested. All offers are welcome.

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Hello Jesse Wilham,

I know you said you preferred H or Lsec, but thought I might take a shot at capturing your attention to something greater. An EVE content that has no other equal! You would be surprised what you can accomplish in WH Space related to Industry. Especially with the current Patch release.

If you get a chance please come take a look at what/who we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

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