[WEYI] Recruting - HS corp 0% New/Old players - make monthly plexes easy

WEYI is recruiting dedicated EVE players.

Doesn’t matter if you are new to the game or not.

We offer a lot of support to new players, ships, skills, training plan for different specializations.

Also we offer training to some ISK making methods even as Alpha (up to 100 mils/H).
-Wormhole life in our alliance
-Cosmos missions (All races chains)
-Normal Missions
-Explorations (Data, Relic, Combat)
-Epic arcs
-Fitting methods

One of our goals is to teach players how to make isk and have fun doing this.

Tax is 0%

For old players we have few ways they can improve in the aspects above also since we have experienced players and for sure any player will find their experience valuable.

What we what?

We want you to be active and on discord. Fly safe.

Our in game channel is “WEYI Recruitment” or you can contact me on Discord at Zmeclainan#1845

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Daily Bump

Sounds interesting, I’m about to leave null and looking for a new home

You are more than welcomed here. Also feel free to drop on our recruitment channel or my discord.

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Actively looking for players.

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