[WH] Cerberus Horizon - PvP / PvE / Casual / EU TZ

Wormhole based Cerberus-Horizon looking for pilots. We focus on small gang PvP, and use PvE to fund the habit through Class 3, 4 and 5 combat sites including Drifter Escalation. Our boy Ryn tried to convo old Arithmos one time but ended up welping his Paladin after he called him ‘babe’:

Based out of a well established C4 Pulsar setup with C3 & C4 statics. We have access to upper and lower class WH life and you never know what or who you’re going to get :smiley: which makes each day fresh and interesting. We fly both armor and shield doctrines depending on the situation. Don’t feel intimidated by PvP if you’re not familiar, we’re here to help.

We’re Looking for versatile pilots, experienced or otherwise in PvP, who don’t mind scanning and scouting in order to find content.

We have members across the UK, EU & US Time zones.

No minimum Skillpoints required although several of our members are +150m SP and have years of wormhole experience. Whats most important is a willingness to actively participate, learn and enjoy it!

CBHZ Public for in game chat or private convo:
Mr fRostiE

To the top!

Up up and away

You may be wondering if we’re still recruiting…
yes, yes we are.

Don’t be shy, come say Hi!

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BOOO! Get OFF the stage!

/me throws whole pineapple

If anyone else has any mango’s we’re onto a fruit salad.

Also recruiting.

Now also accepting grapes, kiwi fruit and papaya.

…alongside new recruits

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more peeps for more deeps

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