[WH] Cerberus Horizon - New Pilot Friendly / PvP / PvE / Casual / EU TZ

Are you returning to EVE and looking for a casual group that plays more like a group of friends looking for good fights in the ships that you want to fly? Well then look no further! We are a C4 wormhole corporation that loves some good fights and has decent freedom in what you want to bring to those fights. We play much more like a group of friends hoping to build something fun than a dedicated sov holding alliance. We have a smaller selection of members but every member is active daily and always willing to help you out.

Do not let our size fool you however, we have a good selection of experienced PvP pilots. I myself have lived in wormhole space for 3 years with almost all of our leadership sharing similar experience levels.

Our fleet comp is primarily armor though we do live in a Pulsar so we have shield doctrines as well. Do not feel intimidated thinking that you are not an experienced PvP pilot as we will can always help you with fittings and flying in fleet!

In wormhole space, there is always fun to be had.

If you are interested in joining, contact Alias Tatan in game.


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