What are the differences between the T1 Exploration Frigates?

Title says it all.

Thanks in advance.

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Why not take a few minutes to compare their stats?

You’ll find differences in slot layout, drone bay and bandwidth, agility, speed, capacitor, cargo capacity, etc. They all have the same scan strength bonuses, but those with more mid-slots can fit more scan-boosting modules, cargo scanners, different analyzers, and so on. Those with more low slots can fit modules to make them either more fast and agile, or reinforce their warp core to avoid getting scrammed by hunters.

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They also may look better, or worse.


Best exploration T1 frigate is Heron. The only frigate out of the 4 , that has 5 mid slots for scanning arrays and analyzers.
Best salvaging frigate is Imicus - same salvage speed bonus as the rest but one more salvage drone to be launched
Best loot / L1 mission transporter is Magnate - 4 low slots allow it to have over 1000 m3 cargo hold.
Probe is … universal but not best in any role T1 exploration frigate should play, IMHO. Just alittle bit quicker, than the rest.

Free head start for new comers - 250 000 extra skill points

Heron also doubles as a hilarious PvP ship, if the “get explore’d” series on Youtube is any indication.

All T1 exploration frigates have the same base cargo capacity.

That’s the only stat that is identical across the races on ships that are in the same place on the ship tree.
(That I know of).
(Except shuttles which have ALL the stats identical).


edit: I found out the shuttles differ in sensor strenght and damage resistances. Learn something new every day!

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Thank you for the correction. My comment was more to generally encourage the OP to get into the habit of finding and comparing stats instead of running to the Q&A. “Teach a man to fish” and all that.

But even I didn’t know they all had the same base cargo capacity lol.

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