What EXACTLY is the CSM?

(Ridley Rohan) #41

So this is the best way for a CSM member to present a proposal to CCP?

What is the best way for a player to present a proposal to CSM?

Does this cover all the above? Welcome to the Assembly Hall

(Ridley Rohan) #42

This would be a very nice link to have in this thread…except it has not been updated (sigh). We are on CSM 13 and this shows the members of CSM 12 (many were re-elected though so not totally useless). But I suppose it does represent a bit of my difficulties in trying to figure out exactly what is going on.

(Brisc Rubal) #43

Best way is to post it here and I’ll see it, or you can join the CSM 13 discord here: https://discord.gg/KvU8KRt

You can also PM me, email me (briscrubal@csm.eve.com), find me on Twitter (@brianschoeneman), reddit (u/deltaxi65) or check out Open Comms on twitch.tv every Friday night.

(Brisc Rubal) #44

I know, and thanks for bearing with CCP. We’ve asked multiple times to get that updated.

(Ridley Rohan) #45

A link to an article to give more insight on the CSM, particularly with regard to elections by providing election statistics. The article it links to contains more links to more information/sources/articles.


A list of current CSM13 members can be found here: https://www.eveonline.com/article/padnvt/welcome-csm-13

(Ridley Rohan) #46

I demand very little for two reasons: 1) A lot of answers to my questions/problems have been answered/solved/ explained elsewhere and I just haven’t found the information yet. 2) Unless I am willing/able to take on some responsibility and duties myself then how can I expect others to perform while I just sit here typing. In short, if I don’t want to do it, its not very likely some one else does either.

I won’t be a priority until I make myself one (through work and proven value…but especially WORK). So really, thanks again for all your responses Brisc Rubal!

(Circumstantial Evidence) #47

Affecting everyone, everywhere, who participates in the regular in-game Events that I normally look forward to: “whack-a-mole” buttons to claim Agency points. Please help save my mouse buttons, EVE has more than enough clicks without adding more of them.

(Uriel the Flame) #48

New addition to the Pearl Abyssal Cash Shop coming soon: For only $2.99 per event you can buy a Minmatar slave accountant to do all The Agency point claiming for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. :smirk:

(Circumstantial Evidence) #49

Thanks to you, I just had a twisted, bad idea: “you see, i’m a poor player and can’t afford this $2.99. But I really dig the new click reduction offer: for every 100 clicks, I can get 25 for free!”

(Uriel the Flame) #50

How about “if you share us on failbook you get 100 click for free”? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Max Deveron) #51

The reality of the actual CSM died when the white papers(its charter basically) were rescinded and burned by CCP, as those documents were the official and pseudo legal frame work of what the CSM was, and how it was supposed to be governed, and how its relations with CCP and more specifically CCP’s interal affairs dept were supposed to be like.

Edit: what we have today, is more like an unpaid consultation group for CCP.

(Brisc Rubal) #52

I think it’s much better without the inevitable rules lawyering you get with things like that white paper.

(Max Deveron) #53

maybe, maybe not

but when I joined EvE i heard about the CSM on day 1, and i asked questions…
And the original CSM real purpose was to keep Devs from interfering in game play, IE make sure they were reported when discovered and kicked out of every Nullsec faring Player Corp that existed…

Because of the T20 Scandal…and yes as a result the CSM was used to bash CCP’s head in when it got out of control vs the majority of the playerbase wishes…
After the Summer of RAge, the getting rid of the white paper…yep not so much anymore, the vision and useage of the CSM has changed dramatically.

(Brisc Rubal) #54

Well, we’re still supposed to stop them from doing stupid things, and we try.

But the good thing is all the T20 stuff is basically gone. Frankly, we’d rather see the Devs playing EVE than not, because it helps them when they’re making mechanics changes.

(Max Deveron) #55


But maybe the devs should be in their own corp(s)…and im not talking about their CCP corp…let them make their own “hey im an alt and playing in secret guise” corp/alliances on special accounts where they have no ability to use Dev hacks and abilities…like play for real, against us if they wish…might give them better knowledge that way too going up against “our” ruthlessness/niceness.

(Brisc Rubal) #56

That’s what they do.

(Winston Onzo) #57

Falcon even mentioned they each get 5 omega accounts and I think if they want more than that, they actually pay for the accounts… But they play just like we do.

(Max Deveron) #58

I am sure that they do…

But I have seen hereand on reddit over the past few months (most noteably in summer) null groups claiming to know one or more Dev in their alliance…

Dont remember the exact character name or even group…but a singular character actually got named at one point and pointed at by Brave, Goons, NC, and PL personnel as all knowing the guy was a dev…2 days later the character was biomassed…

So what about the others mentioned that were not named that way claimed to be in player groups in nullsec? why are they there? If ppl actually know them, who they are, and such…or even CSM members from those groups…and if its true…why are they allowing these alleged Devs to be in their nullsec groups?

And yes I do get it…the community is a happy place mostly, we see it Fanfests, one big family…but there is still a division that needs to be manned, cause we are still human and yes its a game but many stories have proven that EvE is just too real compared to most others.


(Brisc Rubal) #59

We want the Devs to play the game, and we want them to play the game in nullsec groups, as well as other parts of EVE. The only issue is they have to be quiet about it. We don’t want them in leadership positions or otherwise interfering with the political meta, but we do want them playing the game at that level.

We can’t expect these guys to know what it’s like to field a Titan in a long tidi fight if they never do that, etc.

But they need to be careful and stay undercover. When their cover is blown, yeah, they’re going to have to biomass. There’s no other way around it.