What fit should i use on my Coercer

what should i use?

Which ship?

CONCORD is a faction (and has a few ships in their ship line: Pacifier, Enforcer, Monitor, Marshal).
Or are you talking about the Condor?

Either way, a good way to find inspiration for ship fits is Zkillboard, for example for the Condor: Condor | Losses | Ship | zKillboard

Keep in mind that their fit may not be the best choice for you and that you may see a slight bias towards ships that lost fights, but even well-fit ships will show up there.

For PVP, a great coercer fit is this:

Now you will need good skills to get there, but if you like the coercer, maybe make that your goal. The concept with this shield fit is using pulse lasers with rigs to enhance range and dps mods in the lows. You dont need a scram because the dps is insane and targets just melt. Scorch for long range. Conflag up closer. Its a fun pvp ship.

I’m tangled up in other things so I can’t give a long answer.

There’s a useful thread here: Coercer, is it a good solo PVP destroyer - #2 by Terak_Romaller from a similar question asked a while back.

If you are fitting one for mission running then a beam laser fit armour fit will cover level 1 very easily, and at higher skills flown with care level 2 reasonably well.

Something like:
Beams in the high slots. Dual Beams are good - better application on smaller ships.
Afterburner in the mids (an MWD will take capacitor off you) - either add in a cap recharger or a webifier in the other slot. Coercers are cap hungry.
Low: Damage Control. Armour Repairer and heat sink. You can put a resistance module in there if you want, but a heat sink reduced damage taken by helping make it go away faster!
Rigs: something to help tracking won’t hurt. Then damage or armour rigs depending on preference.
Pack the usual triumvirate: Radio S, Standard S and Multifrequency S for the guns.

Reach out for me in game if you wish - if you’re looking at a Coercer then you’re either Amarrian or at least have good taste!

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