Is the Coercer a good choice as a first main ship?

I’m new to the game. I received two Coercers after completing the agent missions. One was safely destroyed. The other remained unactivated. Now that I have 9 million ISK, should I sell the Coercer or fit it? If I sell them, tell me what I should buy and how they should be fitted. If I keep it, how should I fit it?

I think the guide here is perfectly fine for what youre working with

All destroyers are great ships and they can be relied upon to zap frigates and drones out of the sky


All of this really depends. The Coercer is a great ship. I’d say keep it, because, selling it immediately on the market will likely give you less ISK than buying one from the market.
Fitting it? Fully depends on what you want to do with it. take a look at it bonuses and you’ll see it’s a combat ship. So for example, I don’t recommend fitting it with mining lasers.
As a new player, I’d recommend fitting it for combat and doing Level 1 missions to get more of a feel for things

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The Coercer is a great ship for learning with - it’s also, if fit appropriately a good PvP ship as well.

I’d keep it. Fit it with beam lasers, a repair, afterburner and it’ll make a good Level 1 mission ship - the beams give you range - kill before they close and damage you.

It’s an Amarrian ship - I assume you are Amarrian (of the faith) - you’ll want to train up capacitor skills. A big array of energy turrets will be a drain. Carry a range of crystals: Multi Frequency (MF) for close work and high damage, Radio for long range, trading off damage for range. Standard for mid-range mid-damage but usefully low capacitor use.

The logical next step after that would be Level 2 missions in an Omen or a Maller, both with Medium energy turrets.


Thanks a lot

Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably use this fit

Don’t worry, you will fly many different Coercers in your journeys. I had some very thrilling Nullsec roams in my early days in a Coercer, they’re fun!

I’m new and speaking from a total lack of experience. But i like my coercer. Atleast the one I’m on now. I been through 3 or 4 of them. Two of them in Blood Stained Stars arc. I found a good build for it in the Sisters of Eve help chat channel and been running that ever since.

I actually tried going after a guy that killed me in a worm hole. I did better than expected. I got through his shields but then he killed me.

I’m using my coercer now to run T0 abyssals very easily. It’s a good ship and i plan using it for awhile until i can move on to bigger and better ships.

I want the scorpian, that thing looks so cool. Good luck to you and welcome to EVE!

Fly safe o7


Word to the wise, the scorpion is indeed really cool but its a poor choice for a lot of combat duties outside of a niche role in electronic warfare for PvP. The Raven is a much better all-round combat vessel


If you can make a decent chunk of change.

The Gurista Rattlesnake is a really fantastic vessel that uses the Scorpion hull. It is extremely well defended, does great damage with missiles and also doubles as a drone carrier. Staying at range and using sentry drones this thing clears rooms like nobody’s business.

Its predecessor, the Gila, is also a money-printer. As cruisers go its one of the finest ships available and well worth using while you save / train up for battleships.

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If you like Lasers, the next step might be a Maller, a tanky laser cruiser. If you like to do some Caldari, the start for Missile cruisers is a Caracal. That’s a newbro friendly and cheap cruiser which is the direct way to a Gila, which cost as much as 28 Caracals :wink:

I’m always wary of suggesting faction ships to a new player - they are expensive and disheartening if lost. And a nice expensive killmail is always tempting for someone. A Gila is thick end 300m ISK.

There’s a nice progression for missions ships of Omen/Maller for Level 2 missions, Harbinger for Level 3 then Apocalypse for Level 4 missions - though make sure you are also training the associated T2 energy weapons (the ones that are II at the end such as “Heavy Pulse Laser II”). A well fitted Harbinger will handle Level 3 quite nicely without breaking the bank. Cruisers, even modestly fitted, will deal with Level 2 fairly easily.

Fly what you enjoy, not the most brutally low input efficient ships. The Fun is more important than the ISK.

For the first months, there’s a lot of T1 ships to discover before starting expensive stuff. Personally I like the Arbitrator to get a glimpse into Drones and e-war. T1 Abyss works fine with that ship as well.

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@Wolfgang_Jannesen Not trying to to hijack this thread at all, but thank you for that tid bit of information!

I completely agree - the first line of ships I worked with were the Dragoon, Arbitrator and Prophecy. All three are good drone boats, the Dragoon is particularly under-rated.

Drone skills are never really wasted as most ships can field a few, especially larger hulls where a flight of light drones are almost inevitably needed to clear any small cruft that gets near you.

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I’ve wondered about the Dragoon and the best way to use it. I have one in some dock somewhere. I haven’t fitted anything on it yet.

Depends on your needs, objectives and skills, but as a mission runner:
Several flights of drones - spread between the empires/damage types to give you options. You can fit three full flights.
High slots: probably light missile launchers for a little extra dps, maybe salvager and tractor if that meets your preferences.
Lows, Drone Damage amplifier, the usual damage control and a rep.
Mid: Afterburner.

Really the aim you have is to stand off at a fair distance and let the drones do the work. That reduces the damage you’ll take to the point that you’ll hardly need to repair unless something goes a bit wonky.

I even killed Dagan in a neuting Dragoon, because I thought I might break his rep this way. It was a 15 minutes struggle, but in the end it makes you prouder to finish him that way than in a 200dps brawling Catalyst.

I believe if the new owner of said ship would be a better choice if the target were a venture, though that ship wouldn’t survive concord’s wrath.

I completed all level 2 missions in a destroyer (Minmatar Thrasher).

I don’t recommend doing Mission of Mercy in a destroyer, as that level 2 mission has a LOT of cruisers in it. It is easiet in a cruiser with long-range cruiser weapons.

Destroyers are PERFECT for attacking most frigates.

Destroyers are also capable of taking-on cruisers, but you’ll want to either be ‘brawling’ in-their-face with short-range weapons so their larger cruiser-sized weapons can’t track you, or at range with long range weapons where cruiser-sized weapons can’t hit you (some destroyers have really really long range). [With players, beware of them using drones against you.]

A great video for new pilots is Tracking and Spiraling

Note that with the default attributes (very poor, I recommend 23i 21p 21m 17w 17c) it takes under 45 days to train all T1 frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships, all their T1 weapon skills and weapon support skills, including all navy and faction / pirate ship versions … if only trained to level 3. Of course, additional skills will be required for fittings, but those are common between ships, and you’ll want to be higher level skill to be truly competent.

The point being you can pilot all ships quickly, and you can try the ones that work best for YOU and that YOU like. Those could be different for different pilots.

Tip: If you train Connections 3 you only ever have to do ONE level 1 mission.

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