What language to learn?

Hello, fellow capsulers.

So I am thinking about learning to programme as a hobby. I know a bit of HTML ( so essentially nothing) and I am wondering where to go next. I’m guessing Javascript, but what else?

To have a goal in mind, I want to start to be able to do a webpage that uses ESI to display mineral buy/sell prices from the five big hubs.

Thanks for any input.

ESI returns data in JSON format, so any language should work. If you’re not worried about authenticating, you can just hit the RESTful endpoint with a JS ajax request and grab the data directly in your client. I do various server-side things (Oauth, hitting my own database), for which I use PHP. But any server-side language could do the same thing.

PHP is a good choice but if you’re looking for something that is getting popular you can choose Python. (Btw i dont know Python yet but i am wanting to learn)

Alrighty, thanks for this.

Been doing some reading and I think Python is the way to start, as it supposedly is more versatile.


Just use whatever language you are comfortable with, independent of esi. There’s gonna be a client for esi in almost every language. You can auto-generate an esi client using swagger codegen or use one by the EVE community, at least for the most common languages. Worst case you can query the endpoints directly, however its usually not worth the effort, as there are libraries out there for most of the things like the authentication flow, token handling…

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