What 'time zone' am I?

Hi again. I’ve been looking into getting on board with a nullspace outfit since that is apparently where the best industry happens. I found a bunch of attractive corps with very helpful recruiters, but when I am online and playing it seems that everyone has gone to bed.

I usually get on after 0500 server time. Unfortunately I only speak English, so I know that would limit prospects with non-NA corps.

There are lots of Australian players and you should have no problem finding a corporation that plays predominantly in the AUTZ. 0500 UTC is about 9:00 PM on the US west coast so you should catch a lot of those players as well.

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Thanks, I will keep a lookout for AUTZ ads as well.

SLYCE has a decent industry group, and from what I can see, it also has a good AU TZ presence. I don’t do industry, and I’m not in the AU TZ, so I may not be completely accurate.

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