Poor timing of events

Hey guys!

I have been playing EVE on and off for about a year now.

First time i have been really starting to join Discord channels and different fleet channels in game. The thing is, pretty much all of the events, expeditions, fleets or other content is forming roughly by the time I need to go to sleep :smiley:

Im in EU timezone, but even EU corps are making gatherings at 8.30 EVE time. That is quite late for a 8-5 worker…

Any tips on where or how should I look for corps/communities that are more in line with my gaming time?

Thanks and cheers!

Hmz very hard solution as most EU gamers will play in EU evening time so most fleet will be around the time you list.

The only option is find a corp that is more towards your time, but that means you will shift to Russian or AUZ timezoned players

As an EU player I’m rarely available to do any time intensive gaming until around 20:00 Eve time.

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You don’t adjust your sleep schedule around Eve?

Filthy casual. :slight_smile:

But yeah, keep looking around for corps that are more active during your preferred play times.

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