Time Zone Settings

The last thread I saw on this was almost this time last year, so I didn’t want to necro.

For European players this isn’t an issue, but for western hemisphere players things start to get a little odd. The ability to display local time alongside eve time would be greatly appreciated. In particular the Calendar in game starts to get pretty odd when scheduling events. As a US timezone base corp events typically kick off at 2-3am Eve time, so any listing will show up on he next day. This is pretty confusing for new players.

Thanks for your time

puts on flame suit to prepare for the wave of “it’s not hard to subtract two numbers” comments

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Nah man, I feel you, but there are plenty of external sources for it. Yes though, there should be something displaying local time. It’s not that hard of a feature to incorporate

Fun fact, you can add as many time zones to the Windoze clock as you want.

Fun fact, this has nothing to do with the issue. Players looking at the in game calendar see an event on a Monday that is actually for their Sunday night. This is an issue that games haven’t had for decades and shouldn’t be a major coding project.

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