Development of Local Time Zone hover display when looking at UTC as listed in bottom left of EVE Online

I’m not posting this to receive feedback or opinions.
If you decide you absolutely must share your opinion on the matter, please make sure not to utilize any fallacies if you disagree. If you have an opinion, please be respectful of others opinions, and don’t bother arguing with other users on this topic (It’s really not worth your time). I just want to draw attention to the fact that there is an opportunity to add another ‘nice to have/user convenience’ to the game. This is not suggested based on a lack of intelligence, or need for more features. the game is great ‘as is’, and adding and subtracting numbers from UTC to get Local TZ is not hard or difficult. I’m not remotely suggesting that it is.

It’s simply a convenience that I would personally like to see in the game. I’m sure there are others who have thought this would be nice as well.

If you have positive feedback or similar suggestions please post :slight_smile:

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My feedback is that this is not how public online forums work, nor feature request or suggestion threads on such forums. You can always send your feedback through private channels if you don’t want other people to provide their opinion on your suggestion.

It comes off quite arrogant to attempt denying other people the opportunity to use the forum as intended and framing potentially valid feedback as if it is something bad and hurtful or however to describe what you imply, which denies the same from others that you yourself have the freedom to do: provide suggestions and feedback.

Not a good start to a suggestion thread in my opinion, very counterintuitive and against the idea of constructive posting which is part of the forum rules for a reason. I recommend instead of seeing other people’s opinion and feedback as some sort of attack on your idea be more open minded and try to converse with them instead, which is what a public forum and also this section of it is all about.


Simple feedback for your suggestion. Add iceland as a clock to your pc. That way you can easily see the difference in time by looking at your tz and eves.

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Op. This game is made by people in iceland so only the time in iceland should be shown in game

I can understand the need for it, where fleets or whatever is scheduled by eve time, for those who want to know if they are available. But my suggestion of just adding iceland to their pc clock is just easiest

I think that would have some potential.
Maybe it could get actual attention if it was in this thread:

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