When does the expansion drop in my local time

Hey, does the factional warfare expansion drop at 11:00 hours (downtime) on the 8th of November? I’m in New Zealand and 11:00(downtime) is midnight at the end of the 8th, start of the 9th. I just want to check with the community to see if I’ve done the conversions right and make sure I’m not barking up the wrong tree.
Im not sure I’ve used the right tags, plz forgive

Why not make a second clock on your pc, for iceland, so that while you are not playing eve, you know the time. Eve time is the same timezone that iceland is

So i added new zealand to my phone, you are 17hrs ahead of me. Eve is 4 hours ahead of me. So 13 hours ahead of you. So yes midnight on the 9th is 11am eve time on the 8th


Hm, good idea, thanks. I’m out n’ about at the moment but I’ll try that

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