In game time?

What is the in game time based on?
GMT, Ice Land time…?

You can see in the EVE Launcher in the bottom right corner or in game in the bottom left corner.

I know. But how does that relate to real-world time?

Ex: As of typing this it says 17:17.

Is that GMT, iceland time, something else?

I want to related it to my local time.

Eve time is the timezone Iceland is in.
Which is UTC +0 / GMT / Greenwich Mean Time.

Here is a nice Tool to check the time difference to your place.

Looks like game time is +4 hours from me.


You can check for the current EVEtime and also the EVE server and services status as well.

Not sure, I think it’s Iceland time without daylight saving time. So If you live in a region with daylight saving time, you have a one hour differing clock difference to winter time.
E.g. in New York in winter, it’s 5 hours, and in daylight saving time in summer, it’s 4 hours difference. In central Europe in winter it’s 1 h, and in summer 2 h difference.

Eve Time (NEST = New Eden Standard Time) is the same as UTC+0.

There is no “Summer Time” or changes to the clock - so for people in the UK, currently we are on UTC+0, and in a couple of weeks we will move to UTC+1 for Summer Time. At that point we move from the nice NEST=local time to having to remember to add an hour to NEST.

So if your timezone is UTC+4 then you are four hours ahead of NEST - downtime is at 3pm local time for you. Or if you are at UTC-5, downtime is at 7am local time.

Iceland is at UTC+0 and does not have Summer Time (given how far north they are then there’s little reason for it). NEST was originally set to Icelandic time because that’s the clock CCP work to since they are based there.

UTC isn’t GMT - but that’s me being horribly pedantic…


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