Time Zone Localization

It sure would be nice if CCP would have an option for localized views of times and days so not everyone has to convert in their head to "Eve Time"
Grab time zone from local computer, and let people work with what makes sense to them. Especially for calendar events that take place near 0:00 or shortly after, it is unnecessarily confusing to have them appear in the incorrect days for yourself. This same goes of course for scheduling structure vulnerabilities.


EVE server uses UTC iirc. Shouldnt be that hard to just add a second clock to your system to display UTC. Far less work than what you’re asking of CCP \o/


This is absolutely unnecessary. Local time is a mess. If you start to show local times in the EVE clock, you only create an even bigger mess because now people who organize things not only need to check the EVE time but also the local time. Having one time to rule all others makes it incredibly easy for everyone to organize and coordinate because everyone lives by the same EVE time and not by random, arbitrary local times.


For things like drop downs, it might not be out of the question to convert to local time and display that on hover. Something between giving the local time legitimacy in the Eve universe and having players try to make conversions by external tools or mental math.

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Because coordinating operations around the globe is so effective if everyone uses their local time.

Find out what the modifier off GMT your time zone is.

And honestly, if you need a calculator to add/subtract a single digit number from another number…

It would be nice to be able to show both. Eve time with a localized time above it. Not necessary… I can subtract. But it’s still a “nice to have”.

I mean… I can read a standard watch with roman numerals just fine… but a digital one is easier. “Not necessary but nice to have” is different from “bad idea”.


Subtracting two numbers… it’s so hard :frowning:


It’s not so much subracting two numbers that is difficult, but just look at the calendar.
Organizing it by days in a week and month layout is counterintuitive when events and things actually lie on different days than what is displayed.

Do keep in mind that this is the same group that demands CCP invest hundreds of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars to save them 10s.

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time - it is a global standard. Everyone on the planet can agree what time it is and I’ve been in corporations with people from Europe, India, Australia and both coasts of North America. Time localization would create chaos!

(the acronym is also a global standard and not tied to the English spelling)

I’m GMT-7. If you say something is planned for April 12th (FanFest for example) at 0300 UTC I merely subtract 7 hours from 0300. Oh we just rolled back a day to April 11 2000 MST. It’s really not hard.

Or say I lived in GMT+7 and it started at 2000 on April 12. Add 7 and oh look, it’s actually 0300 on the 13th in my tz.

It’s not like the op is scheduled for Tuesday Eve Time and it’s actually like Thursday or Friday. It’s literally just +/- a single day (even then only + or - depending on where you live… for me it’ll always be potentially “the day before”).

And people make mistakes. Heck, I miss daylight savings at times and arrive an hour late or early to an appointment. While it’s not HARD to do in your head… it’s also something that would be nice to have if they could do it for us. I can do math on paper or in my head… but I still use a calculator. Using paper isn’t hard, but a calculator is quicker and easier.

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And at what point do you no longer want a crutch when playing EvE?

Your “quicker and easier” justification can also be used to rationalize a “Give ISK” button where every 20 minutes I can click it for a 30mil tick. After all, pushing a button is faster and easier than earning a 30mil tick.

that is perhaps one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard.

Having a clock that automatically adjusts for daylight savings and is able to display whatever timezone you choose is not the same as game play. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that.

Do you turn off your phone’s ability to automatically adjust the time based on what timezone you’re in? This is the same thing… it’s not a crutch… it’s just a convenience.

I’m not playing a game about time zones. It’s a game about spaceships. Making time zone handling require less effort is completely immaterial to a game about spaceships. If they can do it easily, why not? Because you want people to focus more on time zone differences? WHY?

This is just… idiotic.

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From my outlook, you’re using being too lazy to do simple arithmetic as justification for this. Not sure how my response is any more inane than yours.

And I agree, this entire suggestion is idiotic.

Easy to code, no really good reason not to, just supply both with UTC and local.

I encourage you to only use devices that don’t automatically adjust for what timezone you’re in or for daylight savings time.

Otherwise… apparently you’re lazy too.

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There’s a vast chasm between using a feature already provided and asking for a new feature because of laziness.

I encourage you to stop breaking Technologies’ 10% rule.

I support OP idea.

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The Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule (which some idiots re-framed as the “10% rule” to sell additional classes and books) doesn’t really factor in here.

Time zone localization is easy. It is not part of the 80 % of work to finish the last 20% of developing a system. It’s a low effort implementation that gives some benefit at little cost in terms of development time. It’s literally something that most computer programming languages do for you.

As for “laziness”… I’m a software developer. Good computer programming practices are founded on laziness. The whole point of writing code is “I don’t feel like doing this over and over. I’m going to write a program to do that.” That’s kind of the point.