Eve and Time Zones

So, pretty much all of my corp and most of my out of corp buddies know which time zone I’m physically in. What I don’t get is why they call me a guy of different time zones. I know physical time zones are not quite the same as what if often referred to in the game, a guy in GMT might be called a Moscow time zone guy depending on when he’s online. Physical time zone has some relationship to this because few people with jobs are on EVE at midnight to 5 in the morning. Almost everyone I frequently interact with can reply to me with an answer when I ask them what kind of a time zone player, they think I am. So at least over 22 people who I’ve interacted with in the past 3 months a lot call me mostly a GMT or EU timezone guy. Most of these people are British. And 7 people say I’m a US East time zone guy. And three people say I’m a Japan/AU time zone guy. Three others reply that having seen me less than 10 times, they’re not really sure.

In fact one time a Brit and two guys with unknown nationalities who said I was a GMT player overheard me discuss with a Russian corpmate who said I was a Japan/AU player and there was considerable confusion between the 4 since they were all sure they were right and they talked for a while one of them was aggroed at a gate and warped away, changing our attention to the flashy.

Every time I asked what gave the guy his answer and every time I got something like “well, I’ve seen you on at different times, but based on overall trends, you are like players who live in (time zone).” I don’t know the nationalities of most of these people, but I did notice all the Brits think I’m a GMT guy, but at least one Australian thinks of me as a GMT guy too. My CEO says I didn’t fall into an obvious pattern, which is unusual since everyone else here who is online at least once a week falls into a neat bucket. I don’t get why 31 people who know where I physically am are all sure they can classify my time zone based on my “overall trends” but come up with 3 answers. I mean if everyone said “you seem to be a three headed giant rolled into one, so I’m not sure” that joke would at least be consistent, but I got 3 and a half answers. So apparently, I’m a EST, no wait GMT, no wait Japan/AU guy, no wait no obvious category all at once.



And now you know why EvE uses EvE time.

On a tangent, I was stationed in Japan playing EQ a few hundred years ago, and the only English speaking players I could find were the Aussies and New Zealanders.

Ended up in a down-under guild and had the time of my life.
Those people are nuts :slight_smile:

–Gadget still won’t try Vegemite…


Sorry, but I’m not sure what you are asking. This seems to be the question:

But… you kinda answered your own question already.

If your asking why people assume you are a certain timezone: As you said it is because they see you online at a certain time that they associate with a TZ.

If you are asking why different people assume different timezones: It appears that your online time covers multiple timezones, when different people are online.

You know you could easily solve the problem by telling people in your corp what TZ you really are… Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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I just don’t get why I get different answers.

They know where I physically am.

I just asked that question since I noticed some people consider their “game” TZ different from their actual one.

It’s not a problem I got different answers, I just don’t get how they got to different answers when all of them say the same “well, I’ve seen you at different hours, but I think you neatly fit into (TZ) based on the overall trends”

Yeah, I get what you mean about being put into timezone buckets. Evening shiftwork really throughs everything off.

Go on, what’s the worst that could happen? A Vegemite addiction?


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