Dumbest Question Ever - but indulge me

Very quick question. All of us live in different time zones. Easy.

I know where I live and what time zone I’m in. Also easy…

My confusion is when I see various corps saying, we play mostly EU timezone, or UK timezone, or [file in blank] timezone . But what exactly is the timespan of that specific timezone noted? Does “timezone” mean they play:

  1. at the beginning of the day where they are? approx 8am onward
  2. near the end of the work day where they are? approx. 5-6pm onward
  3. after dinner & thru the night until bed where they are? 8pm-ish onward

I work at home on the East Coast of USA. But unlike most USA players, because I actually work from home, I have all of my free time to play during the day, East Coast USA hours, from around 7AM - 1pm (and when I have the day totally off, up until about 4PM EST). My nights are totally taken up with family.

Sooooo, what actual “timezone” do I play in — i.e., what specific “timezone” identifies my “time play” hours; hours where I can find the most players with whom I can interact?


It’s when people play based on the ingame clock and calander; which is EU based.

So your morning is EU mid and very late AU.
Your mid is Very late EU and very early AU.
Your late US is mid AU and Very early EU.

You could also have RUS TZ though they are huge so mostly they get slotted into either AU or EU.

I think you already know your answer.

Like you, players will have variable times when they can play. The timezone that a corporation might say indicates when their members are likely to be active. You can ask their recruiter what that actually means and whether your pattern fits theirs. Timezone "tanking’ for structures is indicative of the broad window - the exact timer will be notified by research or a CTA.

For an example, I have recently moved from the UK to New Zealand. My old (EUTZ) is not really available to me in workday evenings, so I left my preferred corp because I could not reliably turn up to operations. However, at weekends, I can join EU events in the early morning here and keep up with friends on an ad hoc basis. This is not too often because in EU/US winter where most people play games a lot more, it’s glorious summer here so I’m less likely to spend my mornings playing EvE. (I know, filthy casual that I am!)

NZ is also not really AUTZ either, as we’re a few hours ahead of the bulk of Aussie players coming online. All that means is that I have limited corporations to join, or I join one of the bigger corps that has operations all round the clock and join them when I can.

Find what suits your lifestyle. You look to have a lot of options from your description.

yeah, I wish corps would post active hours like … 8am-1pm UK timezone … or 6pm-midnight USA East Coast time zone… Otherwise all they’re really saying is… we’re based mostlu in UK, EU, US, etc… but no actual timespans within that particular zone… Thanks for your reply…


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Each and every player has his own pattern of play. My pattern is late europe, so I say bye to the early europeans and hi to the early east coast guys. The clock is the time in iceland btw, so “Midnight in Iceland!” is 01:00 am in continental europe, 07:00 pm east coast time, 04:00 pm west coast, 01:00 pm in new zealand (but only in winter time - there’s no daylight saving there).

Typically the hours people mean when they talk about a particular timezone are the peak hours for that timezone.

Peak gaming hours in my experience have always been from around 6pm (when people have had time to get home from work / school / college and sit down at their PC) until around 11pm - 12am when it’s time for bed.

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this is all very helpful . thanks so much

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THANKS AGAIN. I found this cool chart that has an adjustable slide to show the different times in the different zones compared.

it’s located at everytimezone.com


That site is excellent. I used to use this up until 17 seconds ago lol. http://101science.com/UTCzulu.html

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