Time Zone Localization

No, I’m referring to the rule that you must be at least 10% more intelligent than the equipment you’re attempting to operate.

But then some idiots jump to conclusions.

Is this just something you made up?

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Thank you for your post.

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It’s a saying I’ve used for almost 30 years.

So you made it up 30 years ago?

I ask… because it’s kind of stupid. Until we actually create true artificial intelligence… everyone is more intelligent than every piece of technology. Even the most complex decision making algorithms have no intelligence.

So any amount of intelligence is greater than 0.

But I do apologize for assuming you were in fact referring to a real thing.

Didn’t see and even didn’t find any little cue about it.

And you don’t afraid to share it here because of someone to claim this fantastic idea :grin:

All your posts in this topic just simply should be deleted.

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Eve can be hard without being arbitrarily so and in ways which don’t add to the fun.

In itself it isn’t a big deal, but the “Little Things” initiative that CCP did was all about quality of life improvements and was one of the best things they’ve done since I started playing. I just thought this might fit into one of those categories.

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yes it’s 100000000x easier for everyone in the alliance and groups to be using a different TZ when organizing

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