We need better control of font sizes

Apparently this is been discussed many times. We need better control over the font sizes in the game. One glaring example is the tiny font size of the clock in the lower left hand of the screen. The ability for the individual player have better control over font sizes is important to those of us who are getting older and those who may be visually impaired. This really needs to be addressed.


There’s a clock? I didn’t notice it was there. But I see it’s one hour earlier than mine. Is there a way to set it for my time zone?

The time you see is EVE time, UTC, which is useful when communicating with other players who may be living in other timezones.

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So it’s not a personal clock, lol. Thanks

Only real way to make things like the clock bigger, if I recall, is to increase the UI scaling.

Some of the UI stuff is hardcoded, but we’ve told them while they’re working on the revamp of the UI that things for older players who have a hard time seeing the tiny stuff should be included.

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It would be very helpful. Please give them another nudge.

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