Please bring the clock back in the launcher

Old launcher had the EVE time in the left bottom, new one does not. Just got a ping for a 17:00 op, but I don’t know the EVE time. Means I gotta log in with a client just to check the current EVE time instead of a quick peek in the launcher.

Please bring back the clock in the launcher, thank you.


The clock is already back - right next to the server selection in the bottom right.

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I miss the clock too. Heres a suggestion should they not bring it back right away.
Setup a second clock.
Military time is easy to convert. just take 12 (if its after 12 ofc) and add the current time. Viola. Now they cant take the clock away from you ever. Maybe.


Error, Clock not found.


It’s only back for those using the beta launcher.
Those using the stable version are going to have to wait a while till it migrates to the stable version again.

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Switching to the beta launcher indeed brought back my beloved clock. Thanks @Nevyn_Auscent !

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I think that the clock me be already rolling out… Because I don’t think I’m on the Beta load screen and yet I believe it has a clock. Will have to check when I get back. I might be just imagining it. lol

Me I’d like it to be a configurable option to have either the clock, server status (with no of logins) or both visible in a window corner of the player’s choosing. We’ve all got our preferences with regard to how we layout the open windows on screen.

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