Is there a way to go back to the old launcher?

The old version with the “slider” next to each account was a billion times better at managing which accounts you wanted to start once you clicked “play”.

Now… I have to add each account to group 1, 2, 3, 4 …, n and then hopefully I’ll pick the proper group to launch the accounts I want to have logged in (and hurray for now having to remember all the effin group combos I might have to set up depending on which combo of accounts I wanna play!)

Yes, I know, I can just launch the accounts manually one by one, but when you’ve been used to having the “slider option” for god knows how long… then no longer having it is… well, tbh, frustrating enough that I’m happy that I’m going to my boxing lessons tonight, cause that sandbag is gonna take the brunt of my frustrations about this ginormous blunder from CCP -.-



I Miss the EVE time Clock that was on the old launcher. Is there a way to have the ET clock on this new launcher.


I miss the clock too. It would show me if the daily downtime was over or still an hour away because daylight saving time.

They’re adding the clock to the launcher :slight_smile:

How can I revert to the old launcher? Feels like a solid downgrade - if it was working, why did you have to go and ‘fix it’ ? Grr

Coolio and now I can no longer login anymore. Good job!

You might want to post about that in this thread.

downgrade how?

new features have been added.

Maybe because it still doesn’t work properly on many PCs? :wink:

Do you have a bug id that I can refer the development team to?

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