Non-subber looking for casual pve corp

(Jhante Vhael) #1

I have no inclination for pvp or null/low sec. I simply do not like the pvp in this game all I wish is to have a corp to do missions with if such a thing exists if not I will happily solo casually.

Hmm, my old edit didn’t stick for some reason, anyway I’m editing this because I neglected to put my SP and my time zone. I’m approximately 34.4 mil SP and I am a central US player.

(Jhante Vhael) #2

Still looking for a corp.

(Jhante Vhael) #3

Crap I forgot to put my time zone X_X. Sorry about that, this is not a bump this is correcting an issue. I’m central US time.

(BearThatCares) #4

Sad to see a 35m SP pilot cutting out a majority of what the game has to offer :frowning:

(Jhante Vhael) #5

well be that as it is I never cared for any of that. I was a simple eve pilot, I just like flying around fighting npc’s and such. pvp is far too complicated for my brain to comprehend and it heavily detracts from the fun factor for me.

(system) #6

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