Looking for Corp - 65m SP, PvE, FW, Friends and Family USTZ/EST

I have played for a long time, off and on. I have 65m SP. I’m 40. I work, and I try to be genuine. I want to have fun with my space Barbie pixels. I am looking for the following:

Friends and Family in the long run

A group that doesn’t hate on my Gallente roots and drones

A corp that embraces the skills I have

Leadership that doesn’t enforce a strict doctrine power game for max pew pew

I don’t care about isk/hr, or clear times. I care about fun/hr, and friend times.

A focus on shooting NPCs (Missions, FW, Incursions, Sleepers, Drifters). 

Very little focus on PvP (FW if it happens, not going looking for a fight).

Would like to explore incursions, never done that before.

Would love to do Level5s, 10/10 escalations, and eradicate sleepers.

Capitals could be a thing also, but they are spensive!!

I don’t have the brain capacity for alts.

I don’t care about doing PVP ever. I have lived in High, Low, Null, and J-Space. Currently I live in an area close to level 4 missions and a trade hub with static links, and just do my own thing. I will move anywhere. I am happy to support, learn and grow. I can fly an orca, I would rather be in my domi. I can fly a Nestor, but I never trained lazerz. I’m a drone boat cap pilot. What I am looking for are others interested in doing anything else than PvP.

Please do not invite me to your corp if you have any PvP requirement at all, ever. I understand it happens. Happens to me all the time running combat sites. That’s ok. I will not go on anymore “roams”, I will never gate camp, but I will support and defend if need be.

Is anybody out there not focused on PVP? Lets drop some lead on them Guristas or something! I am happy to talk to anyone, Alliance, Pack, Block, Corp, solo, whatever. If I have to start my own thing, so be it. Is anyone else interested?

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