Pvp/pve pilot LF nullsec home. 30 heartbeats in corp minimum in US TZ

Hello. If you are going to reply without 30+ actual us tz heartbeats please dont.

I am a panther / tengu cloaky hunter pilot. Pvp of any size and shape is what I look for. I’ll bash a citadel once or twice a week if it means I get to destroy kids hopes and dreams. I love forward deployments ( first on the field to a fight or war soften up the enemy mess up their ratters burn down supply chains ) that stuff gives me a reason to login.

I’m a dad with kids. I play when I can and my wife playes pve aspect with me wherever we go. She’s a login once or twice a week gal to spend time with me.

I want corp to be active. I dont care if your alliance is active if your Corp is sitting at less then 30 people online in the us tz I’m not interested.

My pve is anything. I joined an alliance and stocked their whole market in days. Build their doctrine and had pvp ready stuff for everyone. The stuff sat there for weeks. Not 1 fleet with their doctrine ships.
I can carrier rat for fun. I run 10/10 for more fun cuz those have sick music. I mine when needed by corp for a goal.

Not interested in drone space. Living there now and very much dislike it. Not interested in renter space.

BLOPS fleets should be a weekly activity if not daily for my ideal corp. I can hunt or just field blops / bombers.

I have 3 accounts totalling at 120mil sp. Been playing since 2008.

I am a goal driven player. I login to meet goals and conquer objectives.

Blob pvp is my least favorite but I will participate for the sake of team play.

If you’re interested in having further convos please reply or mail me ( this is my alt ).
I bring me, my wife and 1 good friend who’s newer but learning fast.

Thank you I’ll nap now!

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