Looking 4 Cloaky, BLOPs, ect PvP

I’d like to see what’s out there for cloaky pvp. Some blops pvp. I am looking for a corporation whose US base is strong. A group who has mandatory comms. A group who is primarily looking to mine hulls, tears, and salt constantly. A corp who doesnt need FCs and doesnt have issues filling certain roles in their doctrine.

Ultimately I want to hunt WH and Null for all it’s worth during the blackout. I am looking to add on to a bunch of people doing this. I dont want to be the only hunter or person out there doing this. You need to be active hunting and killing daily with multiple members in the US tz.

The occasional bash, lowsec gang, or empire gank would be ok as well.

Leadership must be US and active.

Anybody out there sound like this?

100m pure combat pilot with a couple alts. Self sufficient.

@BearThatCares runs a corp called krypted gaming.

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