50 mil sp w/5 alts LF WH pvp corp

Im interested in a very specific thing. An established wh corp with a static 0.0 for pvp roaming. I have built a fleet for solo BLOPs with just my toons if need be and thats what i want to do when im not trolling tards in w-space with fleet or mapping the chain.

What I offer:

  • BLOPs pilot is also capable of nag/moros/phoenix , all minmatar/caldari t2/t3 cruisers/dessies/frigs
  • remainder are a smattering of various t3ds/t3cs with ability of all to fly bombers/recon/stratios with nearly maxed probing skills
  • Activity when i have a wh home i tend to be on half the day just probing the chain and shadowing people for when the majority of guys get online for stuff to do.
  • PvE wise i can field a vargur/tengu/ and or mix of RR sentry domis (if armor doctrine) or cruise missile rattlers for shield.

What i need :

  • c2 or higher with a static 0.0 and preferably a c4 or c3 for pve
  • established WH entity ie: (6+ months in their home with 50+ members)
  • Freedom to do my own thing in 0.0 without getting bitched out for being crazy

if interested mail me in game with your detals.

Thanks for your time,
aka Menes IV

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