New Old Player looking for PvE Corp

Greetings All!

So I played a long time ago and loved it, but stepped away. Then came back, then left, then came back again. Got in with a group that was not my speed, rage quit, rage deleted everything.

But now I’m back again, this time with a better attitude (and a new character).

I’m a pretty solid level 4 mission runner, but I also dabble in mining and might even pick up PI. I also have a keen interest in Incursions and Triglavian sites, the former I’ve done and the latter I haven’t. I have also been a pretty hardcore roleplayer in the past, so I’m not opposed to doing that again.

So… think I fit with your corp? Let me know!


Hey man, not flying tonight my self but I’m a CEO of a Smaller pve Corp tied to a larger alliance and we are currently getting into some trig fleets. You seem like you should be a very good fit. Shoot me a message in game and we can set up a meet on discord or mummble

Fly safe, Hyper Codar

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