What year is it?

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I was curious: in universe, what year is it in Eve (YC)? I’m sure it’s probably easy to find somewhere I haven’t looked!


Found this with a quick google search:

Yoiul Conference happened in year 23236 or YC0.

Though doesn’t cite a source so not sure how accurate or what it is based on exactly. I assume you can search further and see if something useful comes up and maybe someone else has more details to share in this thread as well.


I think it is YC125

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Ah, an in game item has the answer! Thank you very much!

Ah nevermind then, thought you asked what year it is in New Eden according to Earth calendar.

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This is the year that Princess Aiko Witch claimed to have won EveOnline

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