Date Format in New Eden

Many of the events in New Eden are described in relation to the Yoiul Conference, or YC. Consequently, 23236 AD is YC0 (I think) and the game currently takes place in YC123, which would be 23359 AD.

My question: What about months and days? I imagine there’s something in the lore, but I couldn’t find it. My theory is there’s some sort of universally accepted time scale, regardless of how one’s planet turns, so the whole of New Eden celebrates the first moment of YC124 at the same moment.

How does one describe the exact date using the YC format, and is there lore about New Eden’s measurement of time?

That would be New Eden Standard Time or NEST. It is set at the 24 hour scale, and we see it even in game and is in lore.


There is indeed lore on measurement of time:


I appreciate the feedback, though I’m still curious how they format the month and day according to the YC calendar. Is it YC[Year} {Month} {Day} or some variation?

This might help.

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That’s what I was looking for. Thank you.


Some sources also use YCxxx-MM-DD hh:mm (24h clock). I expect date formats is a mess not even the far future can solve :wink:


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