Whats up with the price of mercoxit?

Merxocit has a jita sell of 140k , Comapred to compressed mercoxit which is 3.5 mill (35k per mercoxit)

Perfect refining of mercoxit yeilds 3 morphite per mercoxit, has a jita sell of 12.4k each or 37.5k per mercoxit, so why is the jita sell of raw mercoxit so high?

(other mercoxit varierints dont have the same high prices either)

Because people who are shipping uncompressed mercoxit are stupid. Therefore it is pointless to attempt to assign a rational motive to their actions.


the uncompressed mercoxit sells for literally 4 times more than compressed mercoxit, and it is actually selling, im seeing jita volume of 8k a day

Could it have a use as a mission objective or something?

The highest amount of mercoxit sold in the past month has been just over 3000 in one day. Most days are far less. The moving average is also low, suggesting that it’s being sold to buy orders.

You’re correct about the jita sell order price and you’re correct that some mercoxit is being sold.

You’re not correct in assuming it is generally being sold at the sell order price. In fact, virtually all of it is being sold at the buy order price.

The volumes are also vanishingly low, given that one block of compressed = 100 units of ore. Most of this is probably compression scrap that just got thrown into a hauler that was importing compressed ore.

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