Where to progress now?

Hi, i currently managed to hit l4 missions and start doing them sadly i found out they dont net me any isk, like even with the bounties and such they arent making a much of a dent, il try tomorrow more a full like 5h play sessions. Im doing them in my machariel.

Regarding my mach i have few questions. How could i boost my dmg? im currently sitting at 700 dps with this build:
and its honestly not per say struggeling but not like capable of doing example:
This mission impossible to do.
Any ideas on chaning the fit or like what should i do differently?
Also looking for ideas to either change into or like mmm how could i efficently make isk with combat or turn into something else entirely?

Also where should i progress here from if id stay in doing missions or what not?
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II"/>

800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
800mm Repeating Cannon II"/>
Small Tractor Beam II"/>
Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener"/>
Large Micro Jump Drive"/>

Domination Tracking Enhancer"/>
Domination Tracking Enhancer"/>
Domination Tracking Enhancer"/>
Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer"/>
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer"/>
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer"/>
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer"/>
Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster"/>
Gist X-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive"/>
Republic Fleet EMP L"/>
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L"/>
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II"/>
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II"/>
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II"/>
Optimal Range Script"/>
Tracking Speed Script"/>

Your isk is in LP not reward or bounties

Perthaps you might get more discussion on using machariel in lvl4s in the Missions or general discussion subforums?

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Actually normal lvl4 missions don’t bring in much ISK for the effort. If you are looking for effective ISK making with not so much SP requirement, have a look at exploration outside highsec. Nullsec Sansha relic sites in a 4h session should give you 100+M/h.

For missions in general I wouldn’t go with a gun ship. Missile ships are much more effective.

EDIT: Be careful with your fit, this bling is a gank magnet.

Yeah, not a typical Newbro fit. I wasn’t able to fit a ship like that after 3 years playing, LOL.

Looks blingy. I’d say you may also reduce the cost for the mission running ship to have a better result…

And for you are in the Newbro forums: Don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose :wink:

That’s a 4bn+ Machariel fit, that’s a lot more than my Mission fitted Paladin and a lot less capable.
It’s also not a fit I’d expect a new player to be flying unless they spent an awful lot of real money on ISK and Skill Boosters. There’s a rule “just because you have trained to fly it doesn’t mean that you know how to fly it.”

As an upgrade to that fitting I’d be tempted to drop the MWD for and Afterburner and use the spare CPU and PG that gives to downgrade the fittings to “cheaper”. Remember, if you get killed then half the fittings are likely to drop as loot for the attacker - You’ve got 3bn ISK of fittings: that makes you a really good ganking target. That shield booster would be a real jack-pot moment.

Loose the Hyperspacial rigs and put something useful in there. You are very short on tank and thus dependant on the booster, and shield boosters are horribly inefficient. While the raw DPS figure looks good, they are autocannons and only give that damage at short range and will be poor at small fast moving targets at that range. You are going to be brawling and that requires you to be able to survive.
I don’t know the Mach well enough to give a fitting (Amarrian ships I know well, the rest? I improvise), but simple tinkering in PYFA gives a fitting for less than 1bn (70bn of fittings) that has more or less the same performance.

The problem with that specific mission is the huge amount of incoming fire you are going to be subjected to - you may need to balance the ship better towards survival than sheer damage output. And learn how to fly the ship to minimise incoming damage and maximise the chance to hit on smaller targets.

Likewise. And I still wouldn’t fly it - well outside my risk appetite.


I have to admit, this thread makes me curious about the Machariel. I knew it mostly from bumping Orcas and mean lowsec gatecamps. The eveuni wiki entry is an appetizer.

At the moment, it’s also not too expensive: Machariel - EVEMarketer
Looks like I’ve found a holiday project. I’m pretty sure it makes way more than 700 dps (provided proper skills).

I’d suffer from curiosity myself - although I’m very much a mainline Amarrian player. PYFA is giving me 1200 or so DPS with the OP’s original fit loaded with Hail, but then you have to make allowances for Autocannons - that’s 1200DPS at 4km and anything that is small at that range isn’t taking damage. It’s about 600DPS at 40km.

My surprise is that given the face melting capabilities of a Machariel at short range, the tank feels relatively poor - though what a buffer tank looks like with a better passive recharge on it I don’t know (very dirty fit with PYFA: 130k EHP, 200 EHP/s passive - not shabby with 1200dps.

I’d be interested in the results of your project!

That’s why it’s not nearly as expensive as a Vindicator, I reckon.

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