Whiteout Initiative : WH Space Recruiting Now

Whiteout Initiative [Wrong Hole Alliance]: We’re currently looking for new members who want to be part of not just a corp, but a community. Our core group has been flying together for several years, through several corps. We’re a relaxed and friendly group looking for more great people to fly with.
Ping Stevie Blue or alecsia77 in game : Channel “WI Barracks”

What we can offer you:
We live in a C2 with C3/HS Statics.
Knowledge and experience to help newer players grow
Fun-first play style
RL first attitude
TS3 Comms
Out of game communication (Discord)
Chill people to play and enjoy Eve with
Industry, PvE & PvP
US/EU timezone activity
What we look for:

Ability to scan: We can teach, but base knowledge is preferred
Familiarity with Eve: We can help teach newer players but having some understanding of the game mechanics makes the process much easier for everyone
Easy going personality: There are plenty of corps out there to take the game very seriously, we are not one of them
Social: We are a friendly bunch and being social is what gets us through the tough times