Who are the Low-Sec Corporations really dominating these days?

I was curious who the low-sec corporations are that are really dominating these days. Be it faction warfare, pirates, ect. Just curious who all is out there since I’ve been away for 4-5 years.

There’s a number of groups out there, but a lot of them are now low to middle sized alliances and a sprinkling of bigger groups. Shoot First, Siege Green, Did He Say Jump, Snuffed Out, Pen Is Out… I could go on tbh. In terms of corporations, a lot of that action is mostly in FW space. I just recently stepped down as alliance leader of the now defunct Amarr lowsec group Vastly Outnumbered/Vastly Industry and Logistics which had ~700 toons at its highest, which was a mostly indy group with a lot of active papers. Lots of people think lowsec is dead, but they just need to know where to look. And we still have local lol

I feel that it depends on your key metrics. Are you talking about size, activity, or efficiency? As Kilo said, those are some of the bigger groups, but there are others that are smaller but are at least as active or more effective at holding low-sec space.

Snuffed out, Shoot First, WhiteSky to name but a few.