Why increase taxes again?

I already apologized.


Then who steps up to take their place? The average Indy player has at least 2, usually 4-5 Omega subbed accounts. For each player that leaves (or just unsubs and plays as Alpha instead), that takes an estimated average of about 60.00 USD out of CCP’s pocket every month. Doesn’t sound like much, but piss off 10 of them so that they unsub their accounts, that’s 600.00 per month. Adds up after a while, and servers and internet services are not cheap.

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Just more reason to keep my 20 accounts unsubbed.

clap clap clap

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The SCC surcharge for all industrial activities, such as manufacturing and invention, has been increased from 0.75% to 1.5%.

This will not effect an alpha miner like myself. Nor should it be much of a change unless you deal in billions (1.5% of 1 billion is 15 million). It is as others say, an ISK sink. Over on Black Desert Online, you pay 35% tax on sales. Over a third of your profit is a silver sink, unless you pay $15 US for a monthly Value Pack (aka VP Sub). For those who pay, it is 15% tax on any sale. Last I noticed, the sale tax here is about 8%? I know both games have a broker fees which I count as part of the taxes. However the BDO broker is called a commission fee on all goods sold.

Sinks exist in the real world, here in the states, in 2010, 2.6 billion $1 bills were destroyed. The Federal Reserve controls the amount of money in the economy. When the money supply expands, money flows into the financial system. When the money supply contracts, money drains out of the financial system.

In short, this sink could be worse than what I am seeing elsewhere.

My HS custom office jumped from 11% to 16% so I decommissioned 2x plant this week and restarted two in Lowsec still at 10%

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All wolves and no sheep means a dead ecosystem - and game…

–Ranger Gadget


What is your point?

It may be relevant for the community to suggest alternative isk sinks other than taxes because CCP cant seem to think of any. And maybe they are right. But maybe they are not.

They could make the isk faucets dry out.

Ship and item decay. Gosh…that’s gonna make me extremely unpopular with all those who have 50 gazillion battleships in dock.

The REAL problem in Eve is that items never depreciate or naturally lose value. Thus more and more stuff accumulates and is not being lost in massive battles. The ISK wealth of Eve players just goes up and up.

Actually…some items do already have inbuilt decay. Such as some boosters, etc. So its not like the whole idea is totally anathema to CCP.

Battleships should start rusting after a while…and require some sort of ( paid for ) annual service to maintain.

Yeah that was debated even among the CSMs as far as I know. They could simply reduce bounties, blue loot, red loot etc… unfortunately that would lead to a shitstorm by all those zombie ISK grinders, claiming to be robbed of their ISK and threatening to instantly unsub all their thirteen accounts. People living in C5/C6 WHs would claim that they can’t make money any more. People spinning half a dozen Ishtars AFK in nullsec would claim that CCP ruined their playstyle. People repeating HighTier Abyssals 50 times in a row in HighSec would claim that it would not be worth it any more.

Can’t touch people’s income. They will grab the pitchforks and not listen to any argument.

That is what CCP gets after not thinking first and allowing the situation to occur at first. They simply started from the bad point. Most people could get should be in loot and harvestable materials.

Here is the breakdown of EIV for a paladin, for manufacturing, copying, invention(optimized augmentation) , not reaction :

product required %success EIV (M) total EIV (M)
paladin 1 100 915.4 915.40
paladin BPC 1 29 18.3 63.10
apoc BPC 1 29 2.65 9.14
apoc 1 100 132.7 132.70
auto-integrity 100 100 0.208 20.80
life support 90 100 0.257 23.13
core temperature 1 100 13.9 13.90
fusion thruster 360 100 0.0128 4.61
tesseract capacitor 2800 100 0.0322 90.16
radar sensor 829 100 0.0107 8.87
nanoelectrical 5760 100 0.0351 202.18
tungsten carbide 36000 100 0.00574 206.64
antimatter 216 100 0.0369 7.97
linear shield 3644 100 0.0114 41.54
total 1740.14

This means that going from 3% to 6% industry tax is an increase in the isk destroyed to create one paladin by 52M Which is also increased further by the market taxes so ± 55 M isk in cost.
And that’s whithout any marging (if you have no marging, there is no point in production because you are paying with your time, risks, investment)

Also the price of EIV of apoc is undervalued (BO is 350M) ; same for paladin (BO is1B2)

Yeah you werent wrong. Its definitely not a popular idea.

What about removing the riddiculous insurance? In a violent universe it makes no sense whatsoever and it should have bankrupt long time ago.


CCP could add also ammo or other commodities sold by npcs, exactly how its done in other games. The market would see a massive divertion everywhere people could buy themselves some slightly overpriced tech I ammo and even ships up to battleship, but it would be convenient. Populating market around the universe would have that effect of ISK sink. Obviously that would cause few people to cry out, but its how others did it and its how they would get sizeable amount of isk out from game. I would look to it in low sec faction warfare, where people fight with tech 1 ships often. The tech II modules could be always imported and cheaper ships sold by players.

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It’d be interesting if that tax went to a fund pool that increased security at gates and upgraded services in stations, but right now that isk just magically goes poof and it’s immersion breaking.

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It is against idea of the sandbox, however at this time I would say do it. Because besides Jita and Amarr, if you are not manufactoring the ships yourself fully tech t1 (which is useless) or fully t2 (which is not really doable) then right now you simply have to visit Jita. Dodixie, Hek and Rens are horribly understocked and overpriced with many scam-traps set by players to exploit exactly the fact that there are no supplies.

Plus, CCP already did this with skillbooks and the market didn’t crash.

A good thread on which to point out to people that the Accountancy skill reduces sales tax.

Those taxes pay for CONCORD already IIRC. I’d support removing CONCORD and the taxes though.

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