Why would a 0sec corp reject my application?

I am thinking about applying to a null sec corp, to be a miner.

More than a year ago I applied to 3 null sec corps as a miner, who has had the skill points, the motivation etc. to be an active miner (I am a HS carebear). They all made me go through the application process and the initial interviews seemed promising, but after several days of waiting I got rejected, each time.

I was wondering, what could have I done better?

Do 0sec corps not need “pure” miners? If you can’t fly a marauder (whatever) to go on roams you are not valued? Or was something bad with my applications? How could I improve my “value”, what ships should I be able to fly?

What did I do wrong? I asked each time, but got no reply.

Don’t know the answer but this is pretty hilarious.


Perhaps theres something in your character api that they dont like. ( Theres something in your past that looks fishy, or is a red flag to them )

that might have had a lot to do with it…

jump into shield107 in game lets have a chat - we are in Min LS at mo, but plan on returning to NS soonish, have a C3 WH, dabble in incursions, corp fleets for mining etc all the good stuff… I will def tell you of yr short falls if u have any… cheers Edrik

Hello Mara Anni,
We are a Nullsec corp looking for Ice miners for fuel block creation,
if this is something that interests you please, by all means look us up.
Discord: Incipience

This is our add in the forums, it will give you a bit more background:

NS has a lot of advantages to HS, the main one being the ability to earn more ISK. We have plenty of miners in our corp but they are also ready to dock up and form for Home Defense and do Corp fleets. If you are willing to PvP a bit to defend home space, then you should be able to get into most NS corps unless you have something that looks odd in your history.

Put some SP into PVP skills.

You need to show you are willing to defend the space you want to make ISK in. If you just say you mine and nothing else, you are in essence, freeloading. Your saying, I want to come make money, and I want the corp to protect me in the process.

NS takes teamwork and a mix of skills. NS corps will train people if they have the SP in the right skills, often they are happy to, but you need to make your self a good candiate as well.

Let me know if your still looking for a Null Sec home for your corp

hello mara
we are a indy corp that is in dracarys come and join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ

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