🇺🇸 Wicked Syndicate NS Corp looking to grow! Cyno.Up/Winter Coalition

Are you looking for a laid back, drama free corp? Are you wanting to mine, build, and rat in NS under a protective coalition umbrella? Are you a newbro looking to learn about NS and get started or a bitter vet tired of winning Eve and ready to jump back into NS? Look no further, Wicked Syndicate is the place for you!

Who we are:

We are a small, close-knit corp made primarily of military vets in the Cyno.Up alliance. Most have been playing Eve for many years in HighSec, NullSec, and Worm Holes. Real life comes first, we have no time commitments or paps. We are a part of the Winter Coalition so there is plenty of content for those that enjoy PvP and plenty of space for mining, exploring, ratting, and small gang PvP.

What we are looking for:

  • Drama free players looking to enjoy their Eve play time
  • Pilots interested in mining & industry
  • Newer players looking to learn Eve and NS
  • Vets looking to make isk and help others
  • People looking to learn or help with PvP (PvP is not required)
  • Willing to get along and participate with others!

What we offer:

  • NS Sov space for ratting, mining, exploring, and building
  • Alliance ore buyback program
  • Access to Alliance PvP fleets
  • Access to Alliance and Coalition structures
  • Alliance market a few jumps away
  • Knowledgeable vets who know the game
  • Assistance getting started
  • Relaxed atmosphere (both in-game and on Discord/TS

What we require:

  • Discord
  • Teamspeak

If interested, please contact Keyer Wicked, Krizag Darkmist, or Crunchbird O’Brien.


Come join a laid back corp and make some isk with us!

Plenty of ISK to be made and fun to be had. There are also plenty of Alliance/Coalition Home Defense fleets and Strat Ops to join for Pew Pew enjoyment.

Been with these guys a couple weeks now. Laid back group of adults with very real lives.

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We have a little of everything and unlimited ISK making. Laid back and real life comes first.

I’d love to chat further about Wicked Syndicate and get to know the corp.

Contact Crunchbird O’Brien or Keyer Wicked ingame and we will get you into our discord.

Still growing! Come and chat with us and see what we have to offer you.

We are still growing and looking for more to join us! Come rat, mine, explore and PvP with us!

what region are you guys located?

Messaged you in game

Steadily growing, come and join us while we print ISK and have fun!