Winter Q&A Livestream - December 16

The LOWEST damage it deals is 1600 dps, that’s just 5 minutes for a brick, assuming you’re lucky and that’s the lightest spawn, and not a faction one, or a titan, that’ll just bloody erase 500k EHP. There would usually be an escort with it too, it never spawns alone.
Getting reps achieves nothing - it’s still tackled for over 5 minutes, letting everybody and his filamented dog get in on the kill.
Response fleet also achieves nothing, NPC dreads reps are subcap-proof.

Scythes are likely to get melted by dread’s 28800 alpha (minimum - not a faction dread, not a titan). Permatanking achieves nothing - you’re still permatackled. All dread damage profiles are 20-20-20-40 with 40 being its faction damage type, so it’s somewhat omni, you can’t just resist one type and be safe.
Your numbers only mean that you have never encountered NPC dreads.

Getting permatackled by the lowest spawn, and erased by the higher spawn, is not the solution - it’s the problem of condescending clueless types.

Because the only ones that rat, bots, do not use them.

I assumed useful builds, that have mining augmentors in rigs. I did not count useless bricks that will get erased by anything but the weakest of spawns anyway.

Not everything, Porpoise has avoided anti-midas touch of CCP. I mean, it was never good to begin with, but at least it ain’t Orca, which was made 100% useless NPC dread food, with no way into profitability compared to Porpoise. That is the definition of useless - when 2bil ship achieves less than 100mil one.

Anyone opposing the obvious is either defensive CCP fanboy, or just mathematically illiterate goblin.

And screw them both, screw you, and your stupid arguing for the sake of fanboying/illiteracy defense.


@CCP_Swift As the only person in CCP who seems to have some understanding of the game and care about what the players are saying, can you please go through this thread and answer some questions? Because we didn’t get much out of this Q&A (especially no critical questions…).


this is 100% not true


Stream ended and we got literally zero information. It’s even worse than marketing team bulshit. we get either “I can’t comment on that” or “It’s my pet project but my word has no value so expect nothing but my worthless, personal opinion”.

I mean, there are some hints and tips on again, how CCP minds and ideas are in different universe than EVE (whole discussion as how some systems can generate some encounters/situations). Or consensus from player base that DBS *ucked but CCP thinks it’s perfectly ok because 2-3 players hunt for banks.

No nerfs in 2022? Early april fools?

As first stream after biggest riot in gaming history I personally feel like my ass got *ucked again by CCP.

Sorry but “trust us. The magic plan works and EVE is healing”. Don’t work anymore. There is no more trust after constant lies and broken promises. Especially with PCU drooping yet again


Maybe grow out of playing with them?

Sadly after listening to you talk I think that Eve will not survive you.

Edit - Why is my post being hidden? Are you people really that soft?


Just leave the game be for a bit. Give us more space, resources and places to go.


Aligning and improving sovereignty and how ownership is established across the universe is incredibly important, to both new players and veterans. The plan is to create tactical in-space objectives for small, medium, and large groups in space to fight over and allowing players who control space to decide what that space will be used for - with iHubs playing a critical role. Stay tuned for more."

I deliberately left the high slots empty, fit them as needed for your purposes. The point was the guy said it can’t be done, did it with almost no bling.

Yes the fit has nothing to help with align time etc, but once they added the large industrial core, that is really what is keeping you in place.

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lacks of answers on critical questions to QA lets me think that this game is on verge of collapse and will dissiopate into ether… the lifetime is over…

no new ships for 2022… probably no more free gnosis in 2022 too…
that update deleted pretty cool playstyle aka procurer baiting. also skiff/proc now are flying brick,they cant run from player battleships anymore…
battleships need rework just t1/navy ones…
bring us SOE destroyer SOE battlecruiser, and maybe SOE deep-space-transport or SOE blockade runner (both should have scanning bonuses so wormholers would be happy.

remove missile launchers from impel,replace them with lasers.
bring back lego guy under dominix hull.
bring back old dominix model for rogue drone infested dominix npc.

bring back CONVOYS that used to go from station to station. bring back NPC traffic at station.

nerfing mining was not last coffin nail… this stream was it. it showed that players were ignored,many questions not answered… .


There are many questions here from many people, but instead of answering some questions, you only corrected someone. Are you sure you have your priorities straight?


I mean, that’s a pretty hard position to take given CCP decides when plex sales happen, and a plex sale can be argued as a manipulation.

But hey, let’s say you are correct. At least your priorities are in the right place, worrying about plex sales and not the ever-growing list of reasons people are leaving Eve behind. A game that was well known through the entire industry for having a steadfast and loyal player base? Yeah… You rock them plex sales, buddy.


Q: what is your ideal isk/h for the average SOLO(no multiboxing)player in null if you constantly nerf our ability to make isk over and over.
Im not even talking about null anymore. Its getting worse and worse in null but that begs the question, what do you think the isk/h in high sec is if you wanna force everyone to be poor yet have everything industry wise be pricy asf.
Eve players will always find a way to cheaply and effectively do an activity and then all you do is give a BS excuse on why it shouldn’t be allowed, like “AFK” Mining. No one actually just walks away from their computer for hours willy nilly, we are still here but who in the world wants to sit in front of a computer and tediously watch their screen and 50 things at ALL times, take other MMORPG for example, in many of those there are many things that are just tedious and obnoxious to do because of that kind of idea.

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Truth and facts are a priority.

“Scarcity will end firmly in Q4”
“Age of prosperity
“Bounty Risk modifier”
Truth and facts are a priority”


There always has been a Market , but why that now has to start retroactively playing into the endgame making it more of a grindfest has not been explained. Also Guess what the Corpmates are doing, it still requires literal freighterloads of PI to be ferried arround from said market.

Dear ccp when will you truly fix your things below is a random exert of current production (not optimised allwith same base assumtions to get a comparable overlok) how is that ok charon basily worthless surgical strike made sure of it and indu and mining changes gave it the rest proc well mining changes it is like a list of your patches you can put behind eatch ship and draw lines wich one ■■■■■■ it up. so what is your plan to unfuck those?

Short edit: funny thing to point out the only ships on this list that seem to do more or less ok are ironicly the once you have NOT made any changes to gives to think if you ask me



Just keep digging that hole, pal. You might not be old enough to remember it, but I am. I remember back when plex prices were getting up near the 5-600mil point(after setting at 300 for a long, long time), and CCP did take several steps to try and bring the price back down. Back before they then soared up to the 1.whatever bil they were at for a couple years before CCP broke them up into mini-plex?

Mini-plex that could then be used for other things, like skins and injectors to drive more plex sales and CCP just did plex sale after plex sale after plex sale…

Yeah, let’s talk about them truth and facts.

Or, as head dev, you can stop being butt hurt on the forum because somebody said something you disagree with, and instead deal with game problems and plunging player numbers. In my entire 10+ years of Eve, I have never seen the head dev get on the forum and do something so bewildering as what you’re doing right now. Arguing over plex sales when the game is crumbling all around you. GFG.


seriously ?

what do you expect to happen if you make things like that. you ask the community for feedback. Then you dont like the feedback ignor it and push ahead anyway and wonder why people react the way they do afterwards.
and the csm told you about it you also ignored their feedback. i mean i could list broken things proberly for 2 pages onward but to what purpouse to have it ignored. And just to make it clear i do not mean you personaly i mean you as ccp failed to listen to cummunity feedback for over a year now. but the odasity to then throw emtpy word constructs at people and expect us to eat them not see through the mirrors and lies is the top of it.

like a good mate of mine always said we all stand for what we do cause we have to life with the consequenses of our actions.

so have a nice day


But not a god given right.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. I just couldn’t resist.