WinterFel, A Null Sec hybrid corp recruiting

we are looking for more active players in both pvp and pve

Hey we’re still looking for great people to join our ranks. If you’ve lived in null before and you’re looking to get back out post blackout shot me a message. Even if you’re not experienced out in null we can help you build a great home in a community of relaxed and helpful adults. We’ve got great space, lots of stuff to do from pvp to exploration and everything between.

Newbro friendly! Interested in industry or pvp?

pvp daily. Good fleet commanders, limited ship replacement program, entry level ships free as necessary. It’s a great place to learn.

Frequent large scale mining ops. Lots of cover.

Ore buyback program operates at 90% Jita buy with evepraisal permalink.

Interview and esi submission necessary

good place to learn for newer players and lots of options for vets

bump had some fun this weekend in roaming lowsec with atrons we got some kills and got killed was lots of fun

lots of stuff going on during the Halloween event going to be a fun week

Don’t be shy folks! We’ve got plenty of opportunities for growth! Great space! LOTS TO DO!


Looking for more pilots we now have a strong presence in EU to late US timezone with a handful of crazies who play all through the night.

we are ramping up our pvp ops to be almost a daily occurrence. while not required we do it because its fun.

we also own plenty of space for industrial minded players with lot of market opportunity /ship building.





We’ve recently moved to a more active region of space! If you’re interested in PVP content WE’VE GOT IT! ALL OF IT!

Let’s shoot some crap!

Join up today and let’s get crackin!

every day is a great day in WinterFel fights to be had rocks to be mined ships to be manufactured

Bump, TBH im a noob and I have finally found a home in even here with winterfel.

Come Join Winterfel

Winterfel is recruiting.

Are you looking for a home in null sec? We are a part of an established sov-holding null sec alliance.

Winterfel can provide opportunities for most play styles, including Capital and Sub-Capital & BLOPS PVP fleets, mining/industry and more.

Alliance Strat-Ops and CTAs are SRPed. A certain amount of fleet participation will be required, and in turn, we can help you improve your PVP, and our corp incentive program will help you move up to new ships.

Come join us in game Channel: WF Recruit

well servers are looking a bit better today most of our members can login now great time to join us and have fun

lots of minerals to mine come join fleet and hang out with us

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