11mil Transport, Indy, Mining Player Looking for Corp

I am a fairly seasoned indy, transport, and mining main looking for a corp. I am in EST time zone and mostly play in the evenings during the week and anytime during the weekends. For combat I can do logi mostly if that is something you are looking for. Im not huge into PVP although and am looking more for a backend role with assisting the corp in whatever it needs in the indy, supply and transport area of things. Reply on here or add my main in game Angel Westland. Thanks!

Hey dude, check your inbox

Hey Angel,

Feel free to check the ad I have out for Instrumentality of Trade. It sounds like we can make a good home for you!

hey angel if your interested in making some money mining my corp has a good group of guys during the eastern time zone

we do pvp as well but I promise we won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do we focus on making sure everyone is having fun first and that life comes first as well.

we live out in null sec there is a lot of support out here for players to grow as we also have incentive programs.

during ustz we have 10 to 15 players only not counting alts and not counting alliance members who like to hang with us.


You might be interested in flying with us. We are a RL friendly international corp living in NPC null

We have members from over 25 countries across many timezones but I can confirm that we are active in your primetime

There’s a lot more info about us on our main forum thread here:

Hey there Angel!

My name is Ram Askaari and I am the CEO of Battle Kats, a member of Hardly Competent (alliance). We’re still young but are growing fast as a corporation, our focus is on building a great community that everyone can call home. We’re based in LowSec, we are not war eligible and are very close to a major trade hub.

Our alliance has a ship replacement program for sanctioned Ops and overall we’re an awesome group of dudes to hang out with. We’ve got folks in all timezones so you’ll have people to hang with whenever you log on. I’d like to talk to you and answer whatever questions you might have and just get to know you better.

Fell free to join our corporate discord and say hi!

Discord: https://discord.gg/9S6zWDw

I’ll also send you an in-game mail so you can take a first look at us.

I look forward to hearing from you,


you have mail

Join us in game at “Brigade Public” if you are still looking for a corporation

Space Brigade Reruiting Industrial Pilots


We are very interested in having a pilot like you join our indi alliance. Pls PM if you are interested and happy to move to a pocket-highsec system :slight_smile:

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