WinterFel, A Null Sec hybrid corp recruiting

Winterfel is recruiting.

Are you looking for a home in null sec? We are a part of an established sov-holding null sec alliance. Winterfel can provide opportunities for most play styles, including Capital and Sub-Capital & BLOPS PVP fleets, mining/industry and more.

Alliance Strat-Ops and CTAs are SRPed. A certain amount of fleet participation will be required, and in turn, we can help you improve your PVP, and our corp incentive program will help you move up to new ships.

Come join us in WF Recruit

  • Fleet PVP
  • SRP for CTAs and Strat-Ops
  • Incentive Program
  • Mining / Industry & Ratting
  • Candy (ok we lied about the candy)

A gr8 place to learn nullsec pvp and industry


god dam it lenny XD

Is there someone I can talk with regarding your corp?

yeh hi im a recruiter for the corp how can i help u

Donald Erquilenne OR Lord Lennystimmel Are both Avaliable to be messaged in game if you need contact someone

Will also teach you small gang and solo pvp. Great group of guys who can help you get started or continue on.

god damen it lenny

Come and join one of our throw away fleets and have fun.





Bump Having a great time out in null with these guys

bumpty bump bump

active as ever but always looking for more

Looking for more folks.

growing and active come

always looking for more people to chill with hit us up in WF Recruit