Space Brigade [SPBDE] Industrial, PvE, Mining Corporation

Space Brigade [SPBDE] is opening recruitment to invite new players to learn from veteran players on the many ways to make your name known in the eve community. Join our community in game by joining the channel Brigade Public

Who Are We ?
We are a small community of gamers looking to grow our footprint in the game that is EvE. A small wing of the community, we enjoy every aspect of this game and want to help newer players enjoy it as well. You can catch our content live by joining our “newbro” CEO Uncle Brigade on his stream.

Our group has veteran players with more than a decade of game knowledge and experience that can help you learn about every aspect of the game from Mining to PvP Roaming.

Who Are We Looking For ?
Space Brigade is looking for all capsuleers that want to enjoy the game their own way. We dont have any requirements to join. All that we want from you is to have fun as a group, invite people to join you in what you enjoy in the game… and join those who have the same mindset as you.

What We Offer ?
We offer new pilots with small ships so you can enjoy the game with us. Most frigates (Tristans, Herons, Ventures) are supplied by the corporation so you can enjoy the game.

We offer Hauling Services to get your items from our base of operations to the market of your choosing.

  • 8 Jumps from Dodixie Trading Hub
  • 12 Jumps from Jita Trading Hub
  • 12 Jumps from Hek Trading Hub
  • 14 Jumps From Amarr Trading Hub

Small scale PvE Fleets to teach and assist you in completing missions as a team and fighting off the Triglavion Invasion with Emerging Conduits and Abyssal Space.

Small scale PvP Roams to have some fun in the game in wormhole, nullsec, and lowsec.

Most Importantly for the new mining pilots, We offer Orca Boosts for you to get excellent yields while in the belts.

Brigade Discord

This is a small group of guys with lots of friends to get into some decently amusing content with. They often fleet up with some medium cruiser fleets to run the ermerging conduits with, also offer some basic mining fleets for the new guys.

The orca boosts they use are free and will let you store your ore in the fleet hanger of the orca so you never have to leave the belt. Its a fast way to make ISK for those new players where time is everything in the isk/hr game.

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Me and Eramor do have fun chilling with these guys, the CEO Uncle Brigade is a newer player as well so its a good place to start out for other new players.

I always liked when i joined with a corporation and got to experience growing in the game together.

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Bump. We are still looking to help out new players who enjoy the PvE aspect of the game.

Bump. currently conducting a small mining operation if any miners are wanting to get orca boosts. Also Recruitment is still open for Mission Runners, Industrial Players, and those looking to run PvE fleets.

We understand that life comes first, this corp is best fit for those who dont want any obligation in the game but still want to play with people regularly.

Join us if you are just a dude that wants to fly space ships and stuff.

Recruitment still open. Running Triglavion Invasions today.

Still recruiting PvE players. bumper Mcbumperson

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