Blackout Brigade IS Recruiting!

Fed up with flying solo with no one to talk to and living off scraps with no guidance? is your corp dying? well, whatever the reason we might have a home for you here in Null-sec. new, old, or returning looking for new beginnings are welcome in the Brigade. We are a small group deeply embedded in our alliance Already Replaced. No-matter what your play style whether it be business or destruction or the pursuit of enjoyment then we got you covered.

  1. Omega status accounts.
  2. PVPers very much wanted. With a war going on we have plenty of PVP fleets going out daily.
  3. Industrial pilots who are also willing to PVP.
  4. Newbros welcome as long as they are willing to learn to PVP and take part in fleets.
  5. Ability to fly capitals a plus.
  6. Ability to fly our doctrine ships also a plus.
  7. Dedicated Logi pilots also wanted.

for more information msg/mail me ingame or join our discord and have a chat.

[BO-B] Kill Board:
[AARP.] Kill Board:

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